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Midvale/Sandy: 801-561-2213
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Bountiful: 801-295-3449
West Valley: 801-969-1491


Get Creative With Mirror Design

What are the most creative ways to use mirrors in your home? If your interior aesthetic is artsy and imaginative, take a look at the ways to incorporate custom cut mirrors.

Go Geometric

Creative With Mirror Design – Salt Lake City, UT – Central Glass Company Math isn’t just a school subject. Play with geometry and create mirrors with a bold, artsy style. Traditional bathroom vanity and closet mirrors have a rectangular shape. But you can break from the standard and use geometric forms in other ways. These include:  
  • Circles. From smaller bubble-shaped mirrors that you hang together gallery-style to one over-sized circle, this is an imaginative and unexpected way to decorate. These m irrors can also add a nautical or rustic feel to your room’s décor.
  • Ovals. Up the creative ante with an oval. This play on the circular shape can stand vertically or hang horizontally. Use an elongated oval as a full-length wall or closet door mirror or stretch a horizontal oval above a double bathroom sink or bedroom dresser.
  • Triangles. While you won’t find a triangle-shaped mirror in your local home improvement store, a glass contractor can custom cut this geometric design. Showcase a triangle in a living space or add an over-sized triangle as an artsy bedroom or bathroom accent.
  Along with standard circles, ovals, and triangles, talk to the mirror contractor about other visually complex geometric shapes. These could include takes on triangles (such as scalene or isosceles options), a rhombus, kite shapes, pentagons, trapezoids, or octagons.

Go Freeform

If you’re not a fan of structured geometric shapes, get creative with freeform or organic ideas. These mirrors are far from standard — and will require a custom cut. Before you decide on a freeform shape, talk to a glass and mirror contractor about realistic options. Ideas to consider, or starting points to create from, include (but aren’t limited to):
  • Clouds. Create a cute accent piece for your child’s room or another playful space with a cloud-shaped custom-cut mirror.
  • Shifted shapes. Shift a rectangle, oval, or other shape and stretch the lines or curves into a freeform design. This allows you to create an artsy accent for almost any interior space.
  • Zigzags and wiggles. A zigzagging or bumpy wiggle wave full-length mirror is an imaginative alternative to a plain rectangular wall or closet option.
  • Combine creatively. You don’t have to choose one shape for your freeform mirror. Ask the custom glass contractor if they can combine shapes, creating a part star-part circle, triangle-oval, square-triangle, or another mix.
A freeform shape won’t necessarily require a frame. Instead of a framed accent, display your custom-cut mirror as-is. The shape will speak for itself.

Go Big

Shape isn’t the only way to get creative with mirrors. Play with size to create a visually interesting aesthetic experience. If you’re not sure what type of over-sized mirror option to choose or how to use a large custom creation in your home, consider:
  • Full wall mirrors. Cover the entire wall with a mirror. A mirrored accent wall adds the illusion of space, can brighten a room, and can make the room sparkle. Don’t over-do it, though — an accent wall can add a sense of creativity to your room décor, but full room coverage may overpower the space.
  • Faux window mirrors. Create a tall arched window design — with mirrors. Add frames to make the mirrors look like the real thing or to add visual interest.
  • Floor to ceiling stripes. If you don’t want to cover a wall with mirrors, add stripes of custom floor-to-ceiling creations.
Like smaller mirrors, you don’t have to choose a traditional rectangle shape for the over-sized design. An over-sized oval, triangle, diamond, circle, or freeform design adds a sense of drama to almost any interior space. Are you ready to redecorate with mirrors? Contact Central Glass Company for more information.

How to Add Space to a Galley Kitchen With Glass and Mirrors

Elegant Kitchen Design – Salt Lake City, UT – Central Glass Company

How can you use glass and mirrors to make your galley kitchen larger? While you can’t literally enlarge the area with decorative accents, you can use these building materials to give the illusion of added space. If you have a long, narrow corridor-style kitchen, take a look at what you need to know before you decorate with glass or mirrors.

Add Glass to the Upper Row of Cabinets

Glass can open an area and add a sense of brightness. But this doesn’t mean you should go wild with clear surfaces and replace everything with glass. Before you switch out clunky wooden or board cabinet doors with translucent ones, consider:

What You Need to Know About Mirrors for Your Home Gym

Woman Exercising – Salt Lake City, UT – Central Glass Company

Are you designing a home gym or dance/fitness studio? Before you move equipment or flooring into the space, take a look at what you need to know about custom wall mirrors.

Do Home Gyms Need Mirrors?

While mirrors aren’t a requirement for an in-home fitness or dance space, reflective surfaces have benefits for these types of areas. The top reasons to put mirrors in your home gym or fitness studio include:

How to Decorate a Child’s Bathroom With Mirrors and Glass

Frosted Glass – Salt Lake City, UT – Central Glass Company

Are you ready to decorate your child’s bathroom? While you may want to skip the adult-like adornments your own master bath includes, you can still create a highly stylized (yet playful) space. Before you finalize your décor plans, take a look at everything you need to know about using mirrors and glass in your child’s bathroom.

Get Creative With Mirror Shape

Forget about plain, rectangular mirrors. These traditional cut glass pieces may have a classic look — but they may not fit in a creatively designed child’s bathroom. Combine form and function with a playfully cut mirror that has a child-like or eclectic design. Shapes to consider include:

FAQs About Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass – Salt Lake City, UT – Central Glass Company

Is frosted glass right for your next home improvement project? If this is your first glass-buying or decorating experience, take a look at the top questions homeowners have about this glass option.

What Is Frosted Glass?

Unlike the clear panes in your windows or the almost invisible seamless shower enclosure you can see through, frosted glass is opaque or semi-opaque. While it will let some light through, it will obscure the view in and out. Additionally, frosted glass has a characteristic cloudy or, as the name implies, frosty appearance.

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