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Midvale/Sandy: 801-561-2213
Downtown SLC: 801-355-7577
Bountiful: 801-295-3449
West Valley: 801-969-1491


4 Tips for Designing a Disabled-Friendly Glass Shower Enclosure

4 Tips for Designing a Disabled-Friendly Glass Shower Enclosure

If you are disabled, your tub or shower may make bathing difficult or simply unsafe. Many people with disabilities experience difficulty entering and exiting a traditional bathtub safely and grow to dislike the entire shower experience due to a lack of disabled-friendly shower equipment.

You can make showering safe, convenient, and even enjoyable again when you replace your traditional bathtub or shower with the right custom shower enclosure. Read on to learn four tips for designing a glass shower enclosure that helps you bathe safely and with ease.

1. Opt for Thick Safety Glass 

4 Window Replacement Myths

4 Window Replacement Myths

If your windows are getting older and draftier, or you notice your energy bills are skyrocketing, it might be time to invest in new windows.

Before you choose your replacement windows, you need to learn the truth behind some common replacement window misconceptions that may be making your new window decisions more difficult.

Here are four replacement window myths and the truth behind these misconceptions.

Myth # 1: Replacement Windows Are Inferior to New Construction Windows

4 Places to Add Mirrors in Your Home

Bathroom mirror perfect place Mirrors are necessary for making sure you look ready for the day, and they make brushing and putting on makeup a breeze. However, mirrors can also be used as art pieces or to make your home feel bigger. If you feel your home needs a major upgrade but you can’t afford a major overhaul, check out these four places where you should consider adding mirrors.

1. Small Bedrooms

While your master bedroom may be spacious and comfortable, the other bedrooms in your home may seem a little crowded. Instead of spending a fortune to make the room bigger, consider tricking the eye with mirrors. Placing a big mirror on an empty wall in a small room can drastically make the room appear larger. For a cheaper alternative, consider a few small mirrors to create a tiled mirror look.

How to Keep Your Custom Mirrors Safe and Clean

Close up Female Housekeeper Hand Using Spray Bottle For Cleaning Dust on Mirror

Custom mirrors are an elegant addition to almost any interior space. Extend the life of your mirrors and make the most of your investment with proper care. If you’re not sure how to care for your new mirrors, take a look at these need-to-know steps by room.

Bathroom Mirror Care

The bathroom is filled with steam, humidity, and moisture. While a hot shower or steamy bath can warm you in the chilly winter weather, it can also wreak havoc on your creatively designed custom mirrors.

Along with the damp environment, your efforts to keep the mirrors clean can also cause issue. Stay away from tarnish and black spots with these simple steps:

How to Combat Hard Water on Your Glass Shower Enclosure

Bathroom With Glass Door

A great benefit of glass shower enclosures is they are non-porous, so they are more resistant to mildew compared to curtains. However, if you have hard water in your home, your enclosures can build up with water spots and soap scum.

Hard water has a higher content of minerals like magnesium and calcium compared to soft water. If you don’t have a water softener, here are a couple of ways to combat the effects of hard water on your glass shower enclosure.

Clean Your Glass Doors Correctly

When you are done showering, the glass enclosure may be left with condensation. As these water droplets evaporate, the mineral residue is left behind, leaving you with unsightly water spots.

Besides water spots, hard water can leave behind soap scum. The minerals in hard water do not react well with soap; instead of lathering up, the ions form an insoluble substance. When soap scum isn’t cleaned, it can leave gray, white, or even orange streaks. It can also build up in your tile grout and corrode metal framework around your glass.

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