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West Valley: 801-969-1491


3 Don’ts and 1 Do of Glass and Mirror Bathroom Renovation Projects Gone Wrong

Glass Bathroom – Salt Lake City, UT – Central Glass Company

Did your DIY bathroom renovation project not go as planned? Did you splurge on a glass shower enclosure and new vanity-top mirror but decide to save by skipping the installation fee? If your do-it-yourself bathroom glass and mirror job was more flop than fab, take a look at what you should do next. 

Don’t Use the Shower

A glass shower enclosure is much more than just a decorative way to brighten or style the space. Enclosures do exactly what the name says – enclose the shower. This helps to keep the water inside the shower area and out of the rest of the bathroom. Without a properly fitted or installed enclosure, your bathroom could end up with serious water damage.

Gaps between the glass and the wall, misaligned edges, and other similar issues require immediate attention. If your DIY didn’t work out well, don’t use the shower until you correct these (or other) types of problems. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Replacement Windows

Windows Replacement – Salt Lake City, UT – Central Glass Company

Does your home need a serious window update? If the existing windows lack style, energy efficiency, or the ability to effectively keep the elements outside where they belong, take a look at the do’s and don’ts of replacement selection and installation.

Do Hire a Professional – ASAP

Before you start your replacement window search or put money down on a new product, talk to a professional. A window and glass contractor has the experience and knowledge necessary to walk you through this process. From the initial evaluation to the actual product choice, the professional can help you to make the best decisions for your home’s and wallet’s needs.

5 Advantages of Installing Insulated Glass

Happy Family – Salt Lake City, UT – Central Glass Company

Insulated glass has become a popular choice for windows in modern and contemporary homes for many reasons. By keeping your home warmer during cold winters and cooler during summer, insulated glass creates a more eco-conscious home with a strong design element.

Insulated glass combines two or more glass panes instead of one, creating a pocket of air within the glass structure to allow for adequate insulation.

If your home is yet to benefit from insulated glass installation, discover the advantages of insulated glass and reasons why most homeowners prefer using insulated glass in their home improvement projects.

1. Helps With Noise Reduction

Living in a neighborhood that usually has loud noises can lead to irritation, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping, which consequently interferes with your daily working capacity.

What to Look for in Energy-Efficient Window Replacements

Energy Efficient Window – Salt Lake City, UT – Central Glass Company

Installing new windows is a great opportunity to give your home a new look. But did you know it’s also a great opportunity to improve your energy efficiency as well? Your windows have a tremendous impact on the amount of heat and energy that can enter and exit your home. This guide will help to familiarize you with what you should look for in energy-efficient window replacements that can save you both time and energy.

Frame Design

Window replacements don’t have to match the style of window that you started with. Choosing a window design with less air leakage is an excellent first step toward energyefficient windows. Naturally, this means that non-opening windows are the most efficient, but most homeowners want the option to let fresh air in occasionally. Between hinged and sliding windows, hinged designs will create a tighter seal when they close and leak less air.

Why Bother Repairing That Tiny Windshield Chip?

Repaired Tiny Windshield Chip – Salt Lake City, UT – Central Glass Company

Common causes of windshield chips include rocks flying on the road from other cars, debris hitting your vehicle while your car is parked, or even drastic temperature changes because glass expands and contracts with weather changes.

You may have the tiniest chip in your windshield that is so small you almost don’t see it. If the chip hasn’t expanded at all and isn’t in your line of sight, should you even bother getting it repaired? Learn more about why a repair is necessary below.

Repairing Now Saves a New Windshield Later

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