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Midvale/Sandy: 801-561-2213
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Bountiful: 801-295-3449
West Valley: 801-969-1491

Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

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Windows add to the aesthetic appeal of a building, allow daylight in, and provide natural ventilation to a house. However, over time, the condition of your windows may deteriorate. Below are signs that you may need to install new windows in your home.

Recurring Cold Drafts and Visible Damage

As your windows age, the seals may be damaged. If the seals are damaged, you will likely feel a draft each time you sit close to your windows. Along with the cold drafts, you may notice visible damage to your windows. Some common signs of damage are mold, cracks, and gaps. Damaged windows compromise the thermal stability of your home and strain your HVAC systems, which results in higher energy bills.

Thankfully, there is a large variety of windows in the market, and you can replace your windows so you do not have to worry about recurring cold drafts. Furthermore, if you replace your windows, the new windows will keep temperatures in your house pleasant without overloading your HVAC system, so you can enjoy energy bill savings.

Excessive Condensation between Glass Panes

Have you noticed, “sweat” on your windows on cold days? Condensation may mean that your window is due for replacement, as the glazing has lost its effectiveness. The seals may have failed, which means moisture can travel through the glass panes and forms condensation.

You may notice either exterior or interior condensation. Interior condensation is mostly associated with excess moisture in the home and extremely cold weather. On the other hand, exterior condensation happens when the weather is warmer. In such a case, a good window replacement option would be energy-efficient windows.

Difficulty in Window Operation

Is your window difficult to lock or unlock? Does it seal improperly upon closure? Windows should be easy to operate, and you should need to apply only minimal effort to open and close them. 

A cause of stuck windows is a warped frame, for example, on uPVC windows. This window type tends to warp and expand in hot weather and contract when the weather cools.

If the contraction and expansion happen repeatedly, there is a chance that the frame does not match the aperture size. Alternatively, the foundations of your home may have shifted, and the window frame may no longer fit properly in the space.

High Energy Bills

As highlighted above, old windows can have a significant effect on the insulation of your home. The result of this interference is usually high energy bills. As more heat escapes from the home, you will need to use central heating to compensate. The same principle applies to the use of air conditioning in warm months.

If you stand next to your window and realize that the area feels colder than the rest of the room, chances are, you should replace your windows. Single-paned older windows are more prone to leaks, so you should invest in double-glazing windows for insulation. Low emissivity, argon gas glass windows would be a good option, as the windows are double-glazed.

Audible Noise from the Outside

If you can hear traffic, your neighbor’s dog barking, and other noises from outside the home, chances are you should replace your windows. New windows will significantly improve noise performance and reduce noise transmission into the home. Remember, completely soundproof windows do not exist. However, glass experts consider factors such as glass thickness to determine what glass works best to insulate noise.

Do you suspect that your windows need replacement? Central Glass Company provides glass and window replacement services. Our experts have the right materials and skills to ensure that you get windows that suit your home and provide proper insulation. Reach out to us today.

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