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Midvale/Sandy: 801-561-2213
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Bountiful: 801-295-3449
West Valley: 801-969-1491

The Perfect Gift: Holiday Home Makeover Projects

The holidays are around the corner, and it’s the perfect time of year to show your loved one how much you care. You’ve carefully picked out a few gifts that will express your love, but you’d like to give your loved one something practical as well. Diamonds, watches, and red roses are nice, but you want a gift that will quietly remind your significant other that you care about his or her daily comfort.

You know that there are a few projects around the house that your loved one has been putting off. Why not give your significant other a gift this holiday season that will increase his or her comfort and lighten the stress of the holidays? The following home makeover projects are affordable and can transform a drab house into a beautiful place to spend the season.

Remodel the Shower

Your loved one’s shower has an old-fashioned style, stained grout, and cracked tiles that make bathing anything but relaxing and rejuvenating. Create a beautiful, soothing shower and tub enclosure that will help your loved one relax after a long day.

Full-length glass paneled showers originated in Europe and are an elegant, trendy renovation. The simplicity, luxury, and artistry of these glass enclosures makes your bathroom feel like a spa, and a glass enclosure increases your home’s value.

With the help of a professional glass specialist, this renovation is simple and affordable. Contact your glass specialist today for a quote.   

Repaint the Front Door

With so many friends and family arriving at your home for the holidays, you know that your significant other worries about making a good impression and making his or her home a pleasant, welcoming place for guests.

Repainting the front door is an easy project and a great way to revive your home’s appearance. Many people procrastinate painting their front door, and the peeling, old paint gives the house a run-down look. A fresh coat of paint in a beautiful color will welcome guests and ease your loved one’s mind during the holidays.

Choose a color that matches the home’s exterior décor. Whether you choose a sedate, elegant color or a more exciting tone, make sure that your partner likes it. Remember, it’s a good idea to run color choices past your loved one-not everyone loves lime green as much as you do!

Replace Broken Windows

A broken or cracked window doesn’t just look shabby-it also makes you lose money. When your windows are leaking warm air into the outside world, your furnace has to work harder to keep your home warm, and you’ll spend more on your heating system.

To help your loved one save money, stay warm, and have a well-kept home, consider replacing any old or broken windows. Your glass specialist can help you pick out the best glass for the windows. You may consider installing insulated glass, which will keep your home warmer than normal plate glass.

Refurnish a Room

Even a beautifully furnished and decorated room gets a bit boring after five or six years. Why not surprise your loved one with a room makeover? Even if you choose not to buy new furniture, a living room or bedroom is easily rejuvenated with a new color scheme and a few accessories.

Consider the mood you want to capture in the room. Would you rather have a trendy, modern room; a luxurious, relaxing space; or a cozy, quiet area? Consult with your loved one about his or her preferred style and colors.

In a bedroom, replace the bedding, curtains, and lamps. In the living room, consider painting some of the furniture, adding new pillows, and buying a few accessories that match the new style and color scheme. A few pictures of you and your loved one can complete the makeover.

Redo the Lighting

A poorly-lit home can make it difficult to feel cheerful during the long winter months. Update the lighting in your home to create a warm, cozy place to escape from the dark and cold.

This project doesn’t require any rewiring or tearing down walls. Instead, replace the existing lightbulbs in the home with higher wattage bulbs. You can also add accent lighting in pendants, lamps, and other decorative fixtures. These light-giving appliances will make interior spaces cozy and well-lit.

To add a fun twist to a room’s lighting, install a dimmer. Bright, overhead lights are perfect for holiday parties and get-togethers, but a dimmer light can help create the perfect mood on romantic, cozy evenings. A few candles around the room can also help set the mood. Choose scented candles that your loved one enjoys.

Consider placing a few custom-made mirrors around the home to reflect light and make rooms, hallways, and entryways appear more spacious.  


Your loved one will love any gift you give when you give it with your whole heart. A home makeover gift is thoughtful, practical, and sweet. Give your loved one the gift of a beautiful home this holiday season. 

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