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Midvale/Sandy: 801-561-2213
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Bountiful: 801-295-3449
West Valley: 801-969-1491

House Upgrades to Make Your Home Bright and Cozy

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Homeowners often prize two house qualities almost universally: they want rooms that feature a lot of natural light, and they want a home that feels cozy. Glass and windows can help you achieve those qualities in your home. If you’re embarking on a home remodel, consider incorporating some of the following upgrades.

Increase the Size or Number of Windows

Big windows convey several benefits, including increased ventilation and improvement of the view. Pertinent to making your home bright, larger windows also let in more natural light. Another option is to increase the number of windows, which will have the same benefit. So, as you plan your remodel project, contemplate areas where more light will be the biggest boon.

For one, look at any dim areas. Hallways and entryways can be dark. Bathrooms are also notoriously dim. Likewise, consider areas where you naturally want more light. The kitchen is a prime example. Don’t forget your home office, too, as an area for more light.

Next, you’ll need to decide if you want to increase the size or number of windows. If the area has an existing window that’s small, an increase in size might be a good fix, depending on the format of the room. If a room feature prevents you from widening the window, consider adding a transom or clerestory window higher up. You can also add a skylight.

Add More Glass to the Kitchen

The kitchen is an area that homeowners especially want to be bright. As noted, one method of achieving that goal is with increased windows. Another method is by incorporating glass into the kitchen design. Glass reflects light, so glass surfaces will bounce natural and artificial light around your kitchen.

One area for the addition of glass is the backsplash. Many United States and European designers are incorporating glass onto kitchen walls. They usually paint the back of the glass either to match the wall behind or to add a new hue. The glass does a good job of light reflection from its position on the wall.

A unique area for the addition of glass is the countertop. Glass specialists can create custom-cut thick, heavy-duty glass to your specifications. Not only do their reflective surfaces look bright, but the glass itself can seem to glow when the light hits it.

Invest in Windows With Good U-Value

Manufacturers assign energy-efficient windows with a U-value, which is a measurement of the unit’s resistance to heat loss. A lower number indicates the window unit performs well in keeping the heat inside, which will keep your house cozy. Several aspects of the window unit affect its U-value.

Certain frame materials are better than others at resisting heat loss. Wood doesn’t conduct heat, so wooden frames are naturally insulative. You can get similar properties from wood-clad and composite frames because they both feature wood in the composition.

For the glass, energy-efficient windows typically feature two panes, though you can get window units with three. The addition of the second pane helps slow down the transfer of heat from indoors to outdoors. Manufacturers can also add gas fills. The gases they use are slow-moving, which further slows the heat transfer down.

Install a Glass-Front Fireplace

One of the coziest installations in any home is a fireplace. Most homeowners eschew a wood-burning fireplace because of the work involved in running it. Instead, they opt for a gas-fueled model. Gas fireplaces usually have a sheet of tempered glass in front to help with ventilation and heat transfer. This glass front also reflects the light from the flames.

The sheet of glass typically comes with the fireplace. However, you can increase the flame reflection, and coziness, by adding glass near your new fireplace. For example, you could have glass shelving installed across the room from the fireplace. You could also order a customized glass tabletop for the same purpose.

Enjoy the benefits of a bright, cozy home with the incorporation of glass and windows in your remodel project. Let Central Glass Company provide both for you.

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