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Bountiful: 801-295-3449
West Valley: 801-969-1491

The Hidden Benefits of Storm Windows

Many people, even those in older homes, do not have storm windows inside or outside their home. If you don’t live in an area that is at risk for very bad storms, you might wonder if you even need them at all. However, there are some excellent benefits that come from storm windows outside of basic glass protection in the event of a storm with hail and high winds. 

You might consider storm windows because of the other benefits they provide, especially if you live in a historic home with original windows. 

Reduced Sound

Your windows may provide plenty of character, but they were designed for a quieter era. The sounds of the outside world have changed dramatically in the decades since your windows were installed. A once-silent street may now be a bustling highway leading into downtown.

Many people want to keep their character windows, especially if they are in good condition, but they also want to have the benefit of reduced sound. High quality storm windows are the answer.

Some homeowners might worry that storm windows will take away from the aesthetic of the house, but a nicely fitted storm window will hardly be noticeable, and you always have the option to try an interior storm window if sound reduction is your primary goal.

Reduced UV Exposure

Modern windows may have tinted glass that helps to reduce UV exposure. UV light from the sun causes fading to wallpapers, carpets, rugs and drapes. In a historic home with original windows and period-authentic furnishings, you don’t want the light to end up ruining the design.

Adding a new storm window can help you get the tinting that your old glass does not have. New storm windows can be treated with UV protection films. 

Energy Savings

A big benefit that comes from choosing storm windows is increased cost savings. Old windows, when cared for and maintained properly, do a fairly decent job of keeping out drafts. However, the single pane of older windows is not much between you and the outside heat and cold.

Older glass can let in cold more easily through only one pane, and the thin glass also allows your home to heat up faster when the sun shines through. A storm window helps to bring the insulation effect that can come from having a double-paned window.

If you have any cracked, rattling or broken panes of glass, you can get them replaced without needing to replace the entire window. Combined with proper weather stripping, glazing and care for the historic glass, you’ll see a reduced cost in your energy bills during both the summer and the winter months. 

Protection for Unique Features

A storm window’s main function is protection, but many historic home owners don’t think about the need to protect the unique features of older windows.

For example, if you have a sealed window at the landing of the stairs that was not designed to open, you might not have thought twice about adding a storm window there. Sealed windows are less drafty, and they are often not situated in busy rooms. However, these windows may have unique shapes, stained glass or ornate leading. 

Storm windows that are custom made can be fitted on both sides of these unique and irreplaceable windows to help keep them safe from rocks, debris, harmful dirt and even hail and wind when it comes. Because stained glass is difficult and expensive to repair, protection is the best choice. 

Finally, glass protection aside, an exterior storm window can also protect the sash of a wooden window. Sashes take a beating. They heat up during the day, their paint starts to peel and they feel the wet of the rain and the chill of the ice. Without the protection of a storm window, dry rot can set in, eventually destroying the entire window. 

Additional Screens

Have you ever opened your windows in early May to tempt in the warm spring breeze, only to close them in exasperation because your old windows were not fitted with screens to keep out the bugs? Many storm windows come with screens that can allow you to open the interior window and the storm window.

Moisture Control

Condensation can sometimes form on windows, especially on single pane windows. The water drips down and can damage the frame and sash of the window. Eventually, paint or sealants will fail and the moisture will penetrate and compromise the integrity of the window.

A storm window reduces the amount of heat change on the surface of the actual window, therefore reducing the likelihood of condensation on the interior or exterior of the original window pane. 

For more information on storm windows, replacement windows or new glass, contact us at the Central Glass Company. We can help you with your home glass needs.

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