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Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure Facts

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure – Salt Lake City, UT – Central Glass Company

Is a frameless glass shower enclosure the right choice for your bathroom update? If you’re ready to redo this home space and transform it from a simply functional area to a spa-like retreat, before you select a tub or shower, take a look at the facts you need to know about glass.

Frameless Showers Are Customizable

Your shower area isn’t exactly standard-sized. Whether the bathroom has a sloped ceiling, the stall is narrow, or you recently installed an extra-wide steam shower, a frameless glass enclosure can fit your sizing needs.

Instead of a stock piece of glass, a contractor can create a custom enclosure that precisely fits the shower’s dimensions and shape. This allows you to keep the water inside the stall or tub area-minus the need for awkward or expensive add-ons.

Frameless Glass Is Easy to Clean

The translucent quality of a frameless shower creates a pristine, see-through surface. Streaks, hard water stains, and debris will interfere with this look. To create a bright, fresh, spa-like look, you need a shower enclosure that is easy to keep clean.

Unlike shower curtains and framed doors, a frameless enclosure is smooth and groove- or texture-free. This allows you to easily clean the surface to remove streaks and other marks. The flat, smooth surface also reduces the risk of mold and mildew buildup. Without ridges or framed edges, mold spores and mildew won’t have a place to grow. This can keep your shower area cleaner and reduce odd bathroom odors.

Frameless Showers Aren’t Always Completely Clear

You might have decorative dreams of an invisible shower door or wall partition, but this is difficult to achieve. Even though a frameless enclosure provides you with a translucent surface, the door may have a metal hinge or other hardware (such as a handle). However, glass comes the closest to invisibility when it comes to shower enclosures.

Frameless Glass Isn’t the Only Glass Option

You might love the look of a frameless enclosure, but you may not be sure if this elegant option fits within your bathroom remodel budget. While frameless enclosures are on the higher end of the price spectrum, you can use custom glass and still save money on your shower project. Instead of a full frameless enclosure, consider a semi-frameless option. This choice provides the look and spa-like feel of a frameless enclosure with minimal hardware.

Frameless Showers May Require a Special Shower Design

Where is your showerhead located? The location of the showerhead is an important factor when installing a completely frameless enclosure. Unlike framed shower doors, this type of glass doesn’t have intrusive insulation (metal framing or another material) in between the doors or between the door and the rest of the enclosure. If the showerhead points directly at this seam, it could cause a leak.

When you design your dream shower, make sure the head doesn’t point directly at the door. This eliminates the glass panelrelated leak risk.

Frameless Glass Is Strong

You won’t need to worry about the durability of this type of clear panel-style shower. The metal frame on traditional shower doors doesn’t give the enclosure strength. Instead, the type of glass that comprises the doors or panels does.

Most frameless showers are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass cools quickly. This processing step helps to make the glass stronger. Not only is tempered glass stronger than traditional annealed glass, but it also shatters differently. When annealed glass breaks, it shatters into sharp shards, while tempered glass breaks into pellets or pieces.

While all types of broken glass can cause an injury, tempered glass is generally the safer option for showers.

Are you planning a bathroom renovation project right now? Do you want to learn more about the benefits of a custom frameless glass shower enclosure? Contact Central Glass Company for more information.

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