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Midvale/Sandy: 801-561-2213
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Bountiful: 801-295-3449
West Valley: 801-969-1491

Amazing Shower Glass to Transform Your Bathroom

Trends come and go. However, a glass shower is a classic. Glass is stain-proof, naturally antibacterial, and relatively easy to clean. What’s more, glass is beautiful. You probably already know the basics about glass enclosures for your shower. However, you can choose custom enclosures that will transform your bathroom design.

Minimalist Walk-in Shower

At its most basic, all that a walk-in shower needs are a showerhead and drain. You can have the contractors install a standard shower pan with a raised lip and a drain in the center. To bring the design even further into the minimalist sphere, though, the floor itself can be designed so that it slopes down into a drain.

Naturally, you’ll want to prevent the rest of the bathroom from getting soaked, which is where a glass wall comes in. They’re made out of the same heavy-duty tempered glass used for full enclosures. Have your designer observe how the spray of water will affect the rest of the bathroom, and have the glass wall erected there. Smoked or frosted glass can make the stall feel more private.

Paned Glass Enclosure

Frameless glass isn’t the only option for shower enclosures. In fact, you can go in the exact opposite direction with not just framed but paned glass. In this case, the frame takes center stage. You’ll have the contractors erect a wall made out of multiple panes of glass. You can choose from a wide variety of metal finishes for the frame.

A paned glass enclosure can complement a modern bathroom because the wall emphasizes manufactured materials and obvious geometry, which are hallmarks of the style. However, panes of glass are also common with more traditional décor. As a bonus, the structure of the framework allows contractors to use a lighter weight of glass, which can cut down on costs.

Display Case Enclosure

Another way to make your shower take center stage is by transforming it with a display case appearance. Such a shower can look beautiful in a traditional style bathroom, especially if you’re going for a glamorous look.

The display case shower is a fully-enclosed shower that’s sometimes located on a raised platform. Typically, contractors use a frameless construction for the enclosure. To give the enclosure that display case feel, they’ll add actual architectural elements, such as crown molding, to the exterior.

Smart Glass Enclosure

If you have a gorgeous view from your bathroom, you might want to locate the shower so you can enjoy it — and even feel like you’re bathing outdoors. Maybe you want a crystal-clear enclosure so you can enjoy the panorama from the rest of the bathroom as well. But what about privacy?

That’s where smart glass comes in. Smart glass consists of a pane that’s been treated with a conductive material. The electrochromatic material reacts to electricity, changing colors. So, if you have smart glass installed for your walls and even window panes, you can change the color of the glass with the flip of a switch. Manufacturers use different coatings, so you can choose the layer of opacity.

Partial Glass Shower and Tub Enclosure

While many homeowners are getting away from the shower and tub combination, having one doesn’t preclude you from using glass creatively for the enclosure. Most homeowners opt for a framed construction that fully encloses the shower. A full enclosure isn’t the only option, though.

As with the minimalist walk-in shower, the only necessity is to prevent the shower spray from soaking the rest of the bathroom. Therefore, a partial enclosure might be sufficient. In this case, contractors will probably use a frameless construction with a hinged rather than sliding door. You can even choose a rounded edge to the door to add geometric appeal.

Utilize the beauty of glass to complement the unique character of your bathroom. Let Central Glass Company install a beautiful glass shower enclosure in your home.

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