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8 Benefits of Mirrors in the Home

People use mirrors for a variety of reasons. You can use them to tie a tie or to touch up your makeup. You can use mirrors to floss your teeth properly and shave effectively. For many, mirrors are a necessity in everyday life.

But while mirrors are useful, they are often beautiful as well. Some mirrors come in unique shapes, and others are placed in ornate frames. And the silvery shine of a mirror doesn’t have to be limited to your bathrooms; you can use mirrors to beautify and improve your entire home.

In this blog, we’ll discuss eight benefits mirrors provide and where to place mirrors to make the most of these benefits.

1. Mirrors Produce the Illusion of Space

If you live in a small apartment or have a few small bathrooms, incorporate mirrors into your décor. Mirrors help a space look bigger, so hang a mirror in that small powder room or bedroom to reflect the open space of the room.

You can also use mirrors to help broaden a narrow hallway. Place a few identical mirrors side by side along the hallway wall to make it look less cramped.

2. Mirrors Make a Statement

When we think of a focal point in a room, we often think of a mantelpiece or a colorful, wild painting. However, mirrors can also make a wonderful statement in a given space. Use large mirrors or mirrors with decorative frames to attract the eye. Place them on the most visually prominent walls or tables.

For dressing rooms or bedrooms, lean a tall, slender mirror against the corner of the room for a unique addition. You can even put a light behind the mirror for more of a statement.

3. Mirrors Increase a Room’s Appeal

The addition of any mirror can help a room look more beautiful and pleasant. Take advantage of a mirror’s reflection to bring attention to a gorgeous vase or another attractive feature. Try to avoid placing mirrors where they can reflect less desirable items or areas, such as a cluttered desk or a plain couch.

4. Mirrors Maximize a Room’s Lighting

While a mirror can easily double the appeal of a room through its reflection, it can also increase the brightness of a room. If you have a dim home or a room that’s particularly poorly lit, mirrors can help remedy the situation. Hang mirrors across from windows to bring more natural light into the room. You can also arrange mirrors so they reflect artificial lighting.

If your dining room has a chandelier, try hanging a mirror to reflect both the beauty and light of the lighting fixture.

5. Mirrors Bring a Good Energy to a Room

Mirrors can also be a handy element in feng shui arrangements. Mirrors represent water, and they can help balance a room or accentuate the purpose of a room. Hang a mirror over the fireplace to soften the fire element of the hearth. You can also place a mirror in your entryway to help your guests feel more welcome.

6. Mirrors Keep You Looking Sharp

For some, mirrors are vital tools for maintaining a personal image throughout the day. After a meal, a person may glance in a mirror to ensure he or she doesn’t have anything on their face. Some may use a mirror to check their hair after a particularly windy trip outdoors.

In the home, mirrors are more often used in bathrooms, but you can take better advantage a mirror’s usefulness by placing one or two elsewhere in the house. A mirror by the entry can allow one last visual check before you head out. You can also place one by the interior garage door for the same reason.

7. Mirrors Offer Additional Security

In a variety of stores, you may notice mirrored half-spheres that help security keep an eye on suspicious individuals. Placing mirrors throughout your home can have a similar effect, allowing you to see around walls and doorways. Hopefully, you will never need mirrors in this capacity, but it can be helpful nonetheless.

8. Mirrors Are a Tasteful Way to Hide Imperfections

These days, not every apartment or home is perfect. That spacious living room may have a hole in the wall or an undesirable patch of spackle. You can simply conceal such areas with an attractive mirror, just as you would with a painting or photograph.


Mirrors can be wonderful additions to any home, offering a list of benefits. And because mirrors can come in a variety of shapes and styles, you can enjoy the advantages of a mirror and still express your individual style and taste.

For more individualized décor, consider getting custom mirrors made for your home. Rely on experienced professionals like Central Glass Company to make the perfect mirror for your living or dining room. With over 55 years of experience, we can help you design a mirror and create it to your exact specifications.

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