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Bountiful: 801-295-3449
West Valley: 801-969-1491

8 Applications for Custom Mirrors Around Your Business

A successful business requires more than useful and desirable products. It requires more than a hardworking and personable staff. It even needs more than a striking advertising or marketing campaign.

After all, even if advertisements bring customers to your business, they will quickly turn away if they find an unattractive office or storefront. If your business looks lackluster, potential customers assume that you do everything else in a lackluster fashion as well. Therefore, they will shop with your competitors instead.

Luckily, you do not have to do much to transform your business’s appearance. You could add a new coat of paint or hang art-or you could give your company a modern and creative image with custom mirrors. Learn more about using custom mirrors around your business by reading the information below.

1. Put Custom Mirrors in Small Rooms to Make Them Appear Larger

Mirrors function almost the same way that windows do when it comes to interior design. The more mirrors or windows a room has, the larger it appears. So if you have a small lobby or if you meet with your clients or customers in small offices, increase the space by adding mirrors.

Custom mirrors allow you to accomplish this task in a unique way. You do not have to settle for a generic shape with a generic frame. Use a custom design to convey your business’s individual design aesthetics and values.

For example, if you prefer a streamlined, modern style, you can use several square and rectangular mirrors with no frames to add space to your room. Or, if you prefer your customers to see you as luxurious and traditional, commission a single rounded mirror with an ornate frame instead.

2. Hang Custom Mirrors in Dark Rooms to Make Them Appear Brighter

Even if a room has more than enough space, it can still feel uninviting if it doesn’t have enough light. Use mirrors to bring more light into the room, and position them across from windows. The reflected light will illuminate dark corners and make the atmosphere more positive and welcoming. Customers will also see you as more trustworthy if rooms have more light.

Again, custom mirrors add a creative element to this design aesthetic.

3. Inscribe a Mirror With Your Logo and Hang It in the Lobby

Frosted, engraved, or uniquely shaped mirrors can help you make a statement. Hang these mirrors in the lobby, and customers will know something about your company the instant they step inside. Put your logo or company catchphrase on the mirror. Or use your mirror to artistically outline your business’s mission statement.

With this tactic, you put a classy spin on text that most clients would ignore.  

4. Add a Modern, Artistic Flair to Your Meeting Rooms

Your meeting rooms deserve more than a table, chairs, a computer, and a projector. They also deserve more than a whiteboard and water cooler. Think beyond these essential elements and add some artistic flair to your space.

Custom mirrors allow you to tap into the sleek, modern style that comes with cut glass, but they also allow you to express yourself artistically. Order custom mirrors with frosting or engraving, or order mirrors in unique shapes that create a piece of art when mounted together.

5. Use Ceiling-to-Floor Mirrors to Create an In-Office Gym

This tip doesn’t necessary impact your customers. However, it does boost your employees’ morale, and happy employees work better with their clientele. If you have the space, designate a larger room in your office as the onsite gym, and install ceiling-to-floor mirrors across one wall. Build the rest of the gym from there.

6. Increase the Mirror Space in Your Company’s Bathrooms

Many company bathrooms lack sufficient mirror space-if they have any mirrors at all. Add a continuous mirror along the wall’s length so your employees and customers never want for visual room. You can also customize your mirrors in different shapes, sizes, and configurations to make the bathroom fit your company’s decorative theme.

7. Add Interest to Cupboards and Cabinets by Adding Mirrors to the Doors

Custom mirrors can also improve your business’s appearance when you mount them to cabinet and cupboard doors. Cabinets make a room look heavy and cramped. Their boxy shape also lends little to your company’s ambience.

Make the area seem lighter by mounting custom mirrors to each door. You can make each mirror frameless or heavily framed depending on your preferences.

8. Increase Width in a Narrow Hallway with Several Mirrors

Long hallways seldom have room for art, but they still require something to make them seem wider and more interesting. Mirrors solve this problem for you. Install them where you have space, and have an expert create a custom set for you if conventional sizes and shapes do not work.


Simple changes can completely rejuvenate your company’s visual appeal. Use custom mirrors and the strategies above to start the process. 

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