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Midvale/Sandy: 801-561-2213
Downtown SLC: 801-355-7577
Bountiful: 801-295-3449
West Valley: 801-969-1491

6 Ways to Transform Your Home With Custom Mirrors

According to feng shui, decorative and reflective mirrors should be large enough to show more than just a portion of the face or body. Mirrors should be tall enough for the tallest person in the home to see themselves clearly when standing. Mirrors that reflect the stove are considered to bring good luck and prosperity, according to feng shui rules, but only if the stovetop is clean and shiny!

Make over your home with custom mirrors that enhance your decor and add warm light. Here are six things you can do with mirrors made from your own custom design.

  1. Highlight the Fireplace with Mirrors

Do you have an odd fireplace that’s really tall or wide? Is there a low ceiling directly above the fireplace? Is the area above the mantel not suited for artwork or other decors? You won’t find a scalable mirror in a home goods store, but you can have a perfectly proportioned mirror custom made for your fireplace.

Your glass professional creates custom mirrors for all types of projects. Order a mirror perfectly sized for your mantel with your choice of edge or framing. Your room will look more elegant and ample due to the new reflections.

  1. Mirror Architectural Shapes With More Mirrors

Do you have hallways and entranceways that feature arches? Do you have arched windows that display graceful overhead curves? Echo those curves with custom mirrors.

Hang an arched mirror over the entryway console or on the dining room wall. Use round mirrors framed with your choice of shells, wood or other natural materials to echo the curves of arched doorways and windows.

Use the same technique if you have round, octagonal or square windows. Another trick is to have a mirror cut in a shape that echoes an upholstery or carpeting pattern. Many shapes can be repeated to coordinate and upgrade your decor with mirrors.

  1. Make Dressing Up a Breeze

Whether you must dress up daily for the office or you attend a lot of social functions, you need a convenient place to adjust your appearance. Mirrors are vital in this space, so why not order custom mirrored walls in your dressing area?

Full-wall mirrors allow you to see what you’re doing while you work on your face, your hair and your outfits. You can check your appearance at every step in your get-ready process.  

Encircle a dressing room, walk-in closet or bathroom with mirrors for your morning or evening dress-up routine. If you have a partner or family, all that extra mirror surface allows several people to get ready at once. Expansive mirrors in teen bathrooms are also much appreciated as kids learn to dress for success.

  1. Fill a Favorite Space

Do you have a lovely antique window you’ve been saving to hang on the wall? Is there a piece of furniture that needs a new mirror insert? Hutches, large picture frames, and other old items can be repurposed to hold a custom mirror.

Make your own unique mirror frame and have your glass shop create the mirror to fill it. Your glass professional will explain how to make the frame safe and sturdy.

Custom mirrors can be cut to fit in front of the home bar, above the front door or any space where you want more light and reflection. A store-bought mirror can never have the charm of a mirror you create yourself.

  1. Give Rooms an Endless View

If you have a very special area of your home that you want to show off, a mirror doubles the look for you with no effort. Place custom mirrors in more sophisticated rooms to expand the elegance. Have one wall covered with a custom mirror, or use a long, horizontal mirror on the wall adjacent to your dining table.

Custom mirrors add a new perspective to contemporary settings. A custom mirror placed at the end of a minimalist hallway offers the illusion of the hall continuing forever. One round mirror on a bare wall echoes midcentury simplicity in design, especially when the outer edge is decorated with rays or other gilded material.

If you have super-deep casement windows, add mirrors to the sides, top and bottom of the window frame. The outside view will be brought inside and make the scenery seem to go on forever.

  1. Set Mirrors Above It All

Coffered and trey ceilings have inserts that can be outfitted with custom mirrors for romance or to give the illusion of a taller, brighter space. In farmhouses and other older homes with low ceilings, strategically placed, custom ceiling mirrors make the difference between dismal and delightful.

Ceiling mirrors shine all year round, but especially over the holidays. Colorful or white string lights reflect off the ceiling mirrors and give an intimate seasonal glow to your spaces.

Homeowners with ceiling mirrors get the benefits of skylights overhead since the mirrors shine back the lights from open draperies and other light sources. With mirrors rather than skylights brightening their darker rooms, homeowners don’t have to deal with cutting into their roofs or sopping up leaks from bad skylight seals.

Contact Central Glass Company to schedule a mirror-design visit. We create custom mirrors for residences and businesses throughout the greater Salt Lake City region.

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