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West Valley: 801-969-1491

5 Ways Glass Can Improve Your Bathroom

House. Casa. Maison. Whatever you call your home, you expect it to be a sanctuary of peace and relaxation-a refuge from the stresses and concerns of work and life’s responsibilities.

You make various efforts to improve how your home looks. You add new furniture and window treatments to accent the structural design. You paint the exterior and prune the landscaping so passersby can enjoy your home’s aesthetic. You may even add on to the building or renovate certain rooms so the space continues to feel like a haven for you and your family.

In particular, you might have recently decided to expand and improve your bathroom. Whether you want to simply upgrade the fixtures or completely rebuild the space, you might feel uncertain of how to best improve this often forgotten room.

Below, we’ll discuss five different ways glass can enhance your bathroom space so you can more effectively renovate this room and add to your home’s value, look, and feel.

1. Glass Shower Enclosures Open Up the Space

If your bathroom feels bulky and closed off, replace your shower curtain or old, opaque shower door with a transparent glass door. The glass enclosure keeps water inside the shower while simultaneously opening up the space.

Since you can see through glass straight to the other side, the room will feel larger and more spacious. And if you plan on selling your home at some point in the future, this optical illusion will let buyers see a larger space they want to invest in-not a small, dim space they’d prefer to avoid.

2. Glass Tiles Make Your Shower Look Larger-And the Room Taller

To further enhance your shower or tub, add glass tiles along the walls. You can choose clear glass and add it on top of a painted wall. The glass will take on the color behind it, giving you a unique look you’ll love.

On the other hand, you could also install colored glass tiles to completely transform the shower. For example, add various shades of blue-colored glass tiles to create a calm effect in the space. You can even arrange the tiles in a mosaic if you like.

Whatever design you choose, the glass will make the shower look larger. Plus, glass not only makes a space look larger, but it also reflects light. The more glass you have inside your shower, the more light it will reflect throughout your bathroom.

When you install glass tile in your shower or tub, make sure the tiles run all the way up to your ceiling. This layout draws the eye upward, making the room look taller as well.

3. Mirrors Brighten the Room to Enhance the Space

Mirrors are a great way to brighten up your bathroom and make it seem bigger. However, you should avoid using too many mirrors along the walls. Too much decoration on the wall can cancel out the previous enhancements you’ve made to the space.

Try placing just one large mirror above your sink. Or, if you want to let your reflective surfaces work together, place the mirror directly across from your shower. Any light that reflects off the mirror will move towards the shower and reflect off of the glass tiles and door, and vice versa.

4. Glass Shelves Make the Space Look Less Crowded

Does your bathroom seem crowded? Do you have too many shelves, cabinets, or decorations inside the room? A great way to solve this crowding issue is to install glass shelves along the walls. You can stack items on top of these structures, but the clear glass makes the shelves look invisible. As a result, your space will open up and look much less crowded.

5. Larger Windows Let In More Light

If you have a little extra room in your renovation budget, consider replacing your windows with larger ones. The larger structure lets in more light, and that light can fill the space, making it seem cheerier. You could also add skylights to the ceiling if your bathroom rests under the roof.


As you plan out your upcoming bathroom renovation, consider how glass can help you improve the space. Use the information in this blog to add more glass features to your bathroom and enhance the space’s size, look, and brightness. You can customize each facet to match your personal preferences, needs, and budget.

Remember to consult a glass contractor or technician before and during the renovation. A glass technician can provide you with additional tips as you add glass to your bathroom and home.

Not sure what kind of glass you want to use for tiles in your bathroom? Would changing the type of glass in your window make your home more efficient? A glass technician can answer these and similar questions. Additionally, he or she can properly install the glass to ensure it fits perfectly into your space.

Get in touch with a glass expert today to make your bathroom the ideal space in your home.

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