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5 Reasons to Install a Wall of Windows in Your Home

The architectural glass wall is a decorating trend that’s growing in popularity. As people pare down their possessions to create simpler living arrangements, they’re also knocking down walls to simplify the boundaries between light and space.

In specific situations, a glass wall makes sense for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Here are five solutions that a wall of glass offers.

  1. Take Advantage of a View

If you choose your home for the amazing neighborhood or scenic views, why shut yourself off from the main draw of the place? When you’ve paid a premium for a lovely home setting, achieve double your enjoyment and value by installing a glass wall.

Have a glass wall installed to look out over a desert, lake, or mountain range. A glass wall in a city home can give a view of the cityscape or the bustling avenue below.

Choose a glass wall to overlook your swimming pool or pond area to give a relaxed, resort feel to your home. Order a wall of glass to bring the color from your amazing flowerbeds into your living space on sunny and rainy days.

  1. Create a Transition from Indoors to Outdoors

Glass sliding walls make handsome exit points at backyard patios and decks. The clear view builds excitement about an event or social gathering being held outside. A glass wall brings the outdoors inside while making the recreational spaces seem more connected to the home.

Glass sliding doors are available in elegant and modern styles that bear no resemblance to the utilitarian, metal-framed sliding glass doors of the past. The glass supports can be made to seem almost invisible, or you can frame glass door and wall components with warm wood trim to match furnishings inside and outside of your home.

A glass wall with integrated glass doors is also a great way to highlight a sleek front porch or terrace. Guests feel a welcome sense of slipping easily into your home from the outdoors to the foyer or entryway. You can also easily monitor visitors and package delivery when the front entry is see-through.

  1. Spread Light All Around

Let the sun shine into your home with a new glass wall. If the exterior of your home gets plenty of sunlight but the interior of your home is dark and depressing, a wall of glass helps spread the rays.

A partial glass wall works well in a lower-level room that’s deprived of light. In a traditional older home, keep the rich custom paneling on three walls of your stuffy den, but create a glass wall out of the fourth wall to allow the room to breathe.

Glass walls work between rooms like living rooms and dining rooms. The rooms share light and décor while they retain their separate functions. Walls of glass also work between interior walls and hallways to bring more light into spaces like playrooms and hobby rooms.

  1. Open Up the Home Office

Lack of proper illumination in the office leads to eye strain, headaches, and vision problems. A closed-off room is also lonely and boring when you’re stuck there all day working.

Install a wall of windows to give yourself a view of the outdoors and reduce feelings of claustrophobia. Experts recommend resting your eyes frequently during your workday, and part of that rest involves looking at a faraway spot for a few minutes.

Looking off into the distance is not taxing on the eyes, while staring at a computer screen or paperwork is a big strain. When you have a wall of windows in your office, it’s easy to remember to stare off into the distance from time to time.

An interior glass wall in your office is also a practical solution to help you keep an eye on your household while you work. The kids can watch TV or pets can lounge in the next room where you can see them. With the glass partition, your clients don’t hear the cartoons or meows while you’re on the phone, so you always sound professional and focused.

  1. Surround a Favorite Porch or Patio

If you have a covered porch or patio where you love to hang out, have a glass room added on to the space. Have the room professionally constructed as an approved addition for a guest room, conservatory, or private lunch spot.

When your glass-installation professional installs energy-efficient floor-to-ceiling windows or a wall of insulated glass, you get to enjoy your favorite spot in all seasons. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an older house, a custom glass wall gives you a fresh look at the world around you.

Contact Central Glass Company today to learn about all of the custom glass possibilities for your residence. We’ve been installing windows and custom glass for homeowners in the Salt Lake Valley region since 1957, and we offer free consultations and estimates.

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