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A Savvy Homeowner’s Guide to Insulated Glass Windows

4e1716b6-64bd-4060-909e-d8fc8a923332Modern technology has allowed manufacturers to create windows that not only provide homeowners with clear views of their property but also reduce noise, heat transfer, and interior vibration. One of the most effective types of windows currently available is insulated glass windows.

In this blog, we discuss how insulated glass works to benefit homeowners and how to determine whether insulated glass windows are right for your home.

What Is Insulated Glass?

Insulated glass is sometimes also referred to by the number of glass panes used in each unit. For example, many window suppliers offer both double- and triple-pane windows. All of these window varieties fall into the category of insulated glass.

Generally, insulated glass windows consist of two identical panes of glass set into the same frame. These panes may be treated to make them more durable, soundproof, or heatproof.

For instance, some insulated glass windows are also shatter resistant because they’re made with tempered glass. Other insulated glass windows are made to improve a home’s climate control due to specialized glass coatings on each pane.

The space between the two panes of glass is hermetically sealed and pumped full of a desiccant to prevent moisture from building between the layers. The panes may be held apart by a metal or rubber spacer to ensure that they remain perfectly parallel to each other as they’re transported, installed, and used over time.

In some cases, insulated glass may have a completely clear gaseous substance pumped into the airspace between the panes. This gas is invisible to the naked eye but makes a big difference in the efficacy of the windows.

The gaseous substance is usually an inert gas, like argon or krypton, that reduces the momentum of heat molecules as they enter the glass. This stopping power in turn prevents heat from traveling from inside the home to the outside and vice versa, making climate-control efforts more effective.

In insulated windows with three panes, these characteristics are essentially the same, but there’s a second chamber of airspace. Usually both chambers undergo the same treatment so if one space is filled with argon, the other space will be too.

What Are the Benefits of Insulated Windows?

The right insulated windows can be highly beneficial. Homeowners who invest in insulated windows may notice:

  • Enhanced safety due to a lowered risk of window breakage
  • Fewer drafts near the windows
  • Less road- and foot-traffic noise inside the home
  • Lower heating and cooling costs throughout the year
  • Reduced sun damage to furnishings, walls, and flooring
  • Reduced water and moisture intrusion around the windows

Because insulated glass windows come in so many varieties, an expert window supplier can help you decide on the exact right windows for your home. For example, homes in warmer climates may need a specific glass glaze while homes in cooler climates benefit more from gas airspace than glass treatments.

Does Your Home Need Insulated Windows?

Insulated glass windows are a larger investment than single-pane windows. As you try to decide on new windows, you may wonder whether insulated glass is worth the expense for your specific situation.

Insulated glass windows can be beneficial to any homeowner but are particularly important for homes:

  • Located in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations
  • With outdated or inefficient heating and cooling systems
  • With poor overall energy efficiency

You may want to put insulated glass windows in only the most problematic areas of your home. For example, insulated windows in the bedrooms can make your family and your guests more comfortable year round.

Think about how the rooms in your home feel and sound throughout the day. Any room that gets significantly warmer, colder, or louder due to exterior noise pollution throughout the day may benefit from higher-quality insulated windows.

If you think you may want to only install a few insulated windows, work with a windows and doors expert to maximize your investment. An expert can help you decide whether the increased safety on the first floor is more important than higher comfort in the second-floor bedrooms and so forth.

Your window supplier may also recommend updating your windows in waves instead of all at once so you can afford the best windows for your home and work toward true comfort and savings over time.

As you consider your options, keep in mind that while insulated glass windows cost more initially than some other window units, these high-quality products can save you a lot of money over time. If you have the renovation budget to cover the cost of the purchase and insulation, these windows can quickly pay for themselves in energy savings, comfort, and reduced property damage.

Whether you need to replace a window due to a break-in or simply want to make your home more energy efficient, consider insulated glass units. Talk to Central Glass Company to learn more. 

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