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4 Tips to Choose and Manage Your Restaurant’s Storefront Glass

Your restaurant storefront says a lot about the quality of the business inside. Use entryway and window glass in creative and unique ways to make a statement that reflects your dining establishment’s standards and goals.

Your building is the first thing that potential guests see. Follow the tips below to create an inviting and brand-enhancing restaurant using glass.

Decide on Approachability

Visualize your front door from the perspective of your potential customers. How does your storefront appear from the parking area, street, sidewalk and adjacent businesses? No matter how your restaurant is accessed, guests should see a tidy, well-maintained building with clean glass windows and entry points. 

Family-friendly dining establishments are generally casual in nature. A front door made of glass allows patrons to glance inside. They may want to check on how crowded your restaurant is at the time. Guests may also wish to see if the restaurant has suitable dining facilities for their needs.

More upscale restaurants use double glass doors with minimalist or vintage brass hardware. Privacy of guests is more of a feature at a fine dining restaurant, so the glass front doors may be tinted or frosted in a way that limits the views of dining areas inside.

Entice Guests With Details

Do you want to entice guests who drop in on impulse after seeing your storefront? You must incorporate advertising on your windows and front doors to tempt diners. Neon lights, removable vinyl film and even posters can be placed on windows and glass doorways to advertise specials, menus and happy-hour details. 

In Manhattan, the storefronts of the “big” retailers and businesses are decorated with holiday themes throughout November and December. Window display creators go all out to make breathtaking scenes behind the glass windows. It’s an annual tradition for people in the northeastern U.S. to stroll down the New York City sidewalks and enjoy the various window animations and displays. Do something similar in your town, and create a window display tradition that gets people talking,

You definitely want to include front-glass-door stickers that promote the payment methods you accept. For people who use credit and debit cards, this information is a key factor in whether or not they will dine with you. Some people are too shy to come inside and ask about your specific payment methods. Don’t lose these people, but promote your options right at the entry point.

If you have won awards, earned certifications or joined business bureaus, place your stickers on the glass door or doors in a tidy, discreet way. If you’re going for a sophisticated front entry look, this step is not necessary, and may detract from the elegant, exclusive storefront you wish to display. Place stickers inside the restaurant near your host stand or framed up above it.

Consider Guest Comfort

Awnings installed over your glass entryway and windows help limit glare into the restaurant. Awnings also protect patrons from the elements, so a stop under your awning to get out of the rain may be enough to turn a mere passerby into a loyal customer. Awnings help you sell a certain image, whether you’re going for a vintage, seaside or modern restaurant look.

Location is also a key feature of guest enjoyment. When your restaurant location has a spectacular view, it adds to the patrons’ overall experience. Design all windows and front glass entryways to take advantage of the scenery when possible. If your restaurant has no such view, use interior glass, light fixtures, and decor to create the exciting, soothing or upscale atmosphere you want your guests to experience.

Glass shades, blinds or drapery should be used on any windows that let in too much light. No one wants to blink their way through a meal, unable to see the person across their table due to the angle of the sun. Create a schedule so that window treatments are routinely raised and lowered to create maximum guest comfort.

Glass is not the best insulator, so use insulated glass and window treatments to help block out cold and heat during winter and simmer. One great idea is to create a vestibule in your entryway. A vestibule is a small room created to house the front doors, with a second set of doors leading into the actual restaurant. The separate entry room helps keep extreme cold or heat out of the dining space while people enter and exit comfortably. 

Know the Local Codes

In many areas of the country, there are strict rules governing the signage on your building, including its glass windows and doors. If you’re in a historic district, there are even more regulations concerning signage and lights.

Check with local codes before investing in glass-mounted displays, treatments and neon lighting to be sure the enhancements are allowed. A commercial glass professional will have more tips to help you create an approved storefront and entryway of shiny, welcoming glass.

Contact the glass experts at Central Glass Company to create a glass entryway that shows your pride in your business. We have many commercial glass options including insulated glass perfect for Utah’s extreme climate.

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