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Why Are My Windows Foggy? Information for Homeowners

Foggy windows can be a source of frustration for many homeowners. Foggy windows prevent people from being able to see outside properly, and they can even block some sunlight from entering the home.

Sometimes, foggy windows happen because the windows themselves are broken. Other times, foggy windows occur because of conditions inside the house. Knowing what to do about your foggy windows and what you can do to prevent them in the future can help you take care of your house. 

What Causes Windows to Become Foggy?

Windows can become foggy for a variety of reasons, so why they become foggy depends on the type of window, the location, the humidity in the home, and the temperature. Some of the most common reasons that windows fog up are listed below.

Broken Seal Between Panes

Modern windows are frequently made from two or three panes of glass, with either gas or air in between. The panes are sealed to prevent moisture from entering the space between the panes. However, if the seals are broken or if the glass is otherwise compromised, moisture can enter the space between the panes, and this causes the glass to become foggy. 

The best way to tell if the windows are foggy inside the panes of glass is by trying to wash the inside and outside of the windows. If washing the windows inside and out doesn’t get rid of the layer of moisture on the glass, this means that the moisture is probably stuck between the two or three panes of glass in the windows. 


Condensation is what occurs when a cold glass of iced tea starts to sweat in the hot summer air. This occurs because the cold drink inside the glass causes the air around the glass to hit its dew point and deposit water droplets on the glass’s surface. This same phenomenon can cause water to collect on the inside of your home’s windows when the air outside is cold. 

Condensation occurs when the glass is a significantly lower temperature than the air inside the home. You’ll know if your problem is condensation if the glass only gets foggy at times of the year when the glass and indoor temperatures are aligned to create the proper conditions.  

High Indoor Humidity

When the air inside the house is excessively humid, window glass can become foggy. This is usually a problem in rooms where humidity is a problem, like in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

You can tell the difference between condensation and high indoor humidity because condensation will typically happen seasonally, while high indoor humidity can be a problem any time of year. For example, if the glass fogs up every time you take a shower in the bathroom, humidity in the room is the likely cause of the problem.  

What Can You Do About Foggy Window Glass?

The best way to keep your window glass clear from fog depends on the cause. Controlling the humidity indoors can help. Use a dehumidifier or run your HVAC system to keep the humidity low. In rooms with a ventilation system, like in the kitchen or the bathroom, run the vents every time you do something like take a shower or boil water.

If your windows have only one pane, condensation will likely be a problem in your home at various times of the year. Replacing your old windows with double- or triple-pane glass can prevent the glass inside the windows from becoming cold, which in turn can prevent condensation from being a problem. 

If your windows are foggy because the seal around the glass is broken and moisture has leaked in, you’ll need help from a professional to remove the moisture. Some homeowners will get their windows completely replaced when this happens, while others will have their existing windows repaired.

Can You Remove Moisture Between Panes as a DIY Project?

Typically, homeowners don’t have the tools necessary to remove moisture from between their panes of glass as a DIY project. The best way to fix your foggy double- or triple-paned windows is to work with a professional window company.

How Can You Preserve the Seal on New Multi-Pane Windows?

When replacing double- or triple-pane windows, install the best quality product available. This can help lengthen the service life of the windows and ensure that it will be a long time before the seal around the glass is broken. If you’re a homeowner who is thinking about installing new windows on your home and would like to ensure that the glass is clear for as long as possible, work with a company that offers a good warranty and sells high-quality products. 

For more information about foggy window glass, contact Central Glass Company. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you maintain your windows!

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