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West Valley: 801-969-1491

Three Gorgeous Glass Features That Will Inspire Your Design

Your home is the place in which you spend the most time, and you love creating the perfect setting where your family and friends can relax, enjoy good company, and laugh. To that end, you decorate your home with your own unique style, designing beautiful spaces and luxurious rooms.

Because you recognize that the way a room is designed and decorated influences the way your houseguests will feel, you make an extra effort to make each room elegant and filled with light. You know that mirrors and glass can turn a dark, stuffy room into an airy, refreshing space.

Want to learn more about how to incorporate glass and mirrors into your personal design style? Below are three glass items that bring light and space into any room they’re placed in. Your friends and family will admire the elegance and simplicity of these custom-made glass features.

Glass-Enclosed Showers and Tubs

Nothing is more relaxing than unwinding after a long day in your favorite spa-especially if your favorite spa is located in your home’s master bathroom. Glass-enclosed showers and tubs help to create a soothing space where you can wash away the day’s stresses in the hot water and steam.

Many older bathrooms are filled with jarringly bright lights that create dark corners. But glass-enclosed showers and tubs help fill your bathroom with soft, natural light, similar to what you’d find in a high-end spa and massage center. Showering or soaking in the tub is much more relaxing if your body is responding to natural and soft artificial light.

Additionally, glass-enclosed showers and tubs are built to hold steam and maintain the perfect water and air temperature. You’ll find that the steam relaxes your muscles, opens your pores, and allows you to relax more fully. Once you’ve had a steam bath inside a glass-enclosed shower, it’s hard to go back to anything else.

You’ll love the glamour, sophistication, and light that these European-inspired design elements offer your bathroom design. And with the perks of increased relaxation and better health, it’s hard to imagine life without a glass-enclosed shower and bath.

Custom-Made Mirrors

Mirrors add a hint of glamour and mystique to any room. They’re a popular design element because they make rooms feel much larger and more light-filled than they actually are. A well-placed mirror can absolutely transform a space, and many homeowners find that custom-made mirrors give their homes that special something.

One of the advantages of a custom-made mirror is that you can design it to fit in any area of your house. This allows you to use the mirror as a stunningly beautiful focal point, as a strategic reflector of natural light, or as an elegant accessory to another design feature.

Custom mirrors can come in many shapes and in nearly any size. You’ll want a custom mirror that returns shapes and colors perfectly, so you should choose high-quality glass that reflects beauty perfectly.

Whether you need tiny mirror panes set on a mantelpiece or a wall-length mirror for your living room, choose a custom-mirror designer who can help you create the perfect mirror for your home. You’ll love the extra light, space, and depth these mirrors bring to your space.

Glass Furniture

You carefully select each item of furniture for your home so that it adds to your guests’ comfort and to the beauty of each room. Glass furniture can be breathtakingly beautiful, simple, and modern. Like glass-enclosed showers and custom-made mirrors, glass furniture adds to the airy, lightfilled feeling in a space.

Glass furniture comes in all kinds of forms, but is most commonly found in tables, doors, and shelves. And because glass furniture is so unique, it’s usually hand-crafted and designed by master glass workers. If you work with the right designer, your glass furniture will be entirely personalized so that it fits the dimensions you specify.

Some people worry that their glass furniture may not be safe. However, you don’t need to worry about someone cutting themselves on the glass or shattering the furniture because each item can be polished and expertly protected. Glass furniture is perfectly safe, including around pets and children.

Choose a custom-glass furniture company with artisans who share your vision and passion for design. Your local glass expert can help you find a specialist and ensure that your glass furniture comes from the best in the business.

Your home’s design matters to you because it impacts your family and friends. You want to feel comfortable in your own home and enjoy its rich beauty-and, of course, you want to share it with those you love most. Glass-enclosed showers and tubs, custom-made mirrors, and glass furniture will create beautiful, bright, and luxurious spaces within your home.

Call your local glass expert today to learn more about these beautiful home design projects.

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