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Bountiful: 801-295-3449
West Valley: 801-969-1491

RV Ownership: What You Should Know About Common Window Issues

RV Ownership: What You Should Know About Common Window Issues

The cost of owning an RV has to include a reasonable maintenance budget. Window repairs are an important part of RV care that does not always get the attention that tires or mechanical issues command. Yet windows play an important role as they contribute to climate control, light, and safety.

New RV owners must understand that their motorhome may have more window repair needs than other vehicles. Here are some of the reasons why.

Windows Become Foggy

Two fogginess issues can occur with motorhomes. Windows that become cloudy with fog on the interior side of the window are usually the victims of humidity in the motorhome. Using a fan or AC unit can help to reduce the moisture levels in the air. A ceiling vent or open window can also help to improve the ventilation and make the windows less apt to collect moisture.

Fogginess becomes a more serious concern when the problem takes place between the panes of insulated double-paned windows. The problem often arises when the seal between the windows breaks or becomes old and fails. The opening in the seal allows air and moisture to enter the space between the panes of glass.

Foggy windows can become a nuisance because they obstruct the sight of the occupants of the RV. The constant exposure to the water can cause a buildup of calcium on the glass that will reduce visibility further and could permanently etch the glass. The appearance of the RV could suffer if the glass becomes etched.

Seal repairs can stop the clouding effect and prevent any damage to the glass. RV owners that put off the repairs may need to spend more on the project. If any etching occurred before the repair, the window may need replacement if the owners want clear glass again.

Frames May Leak

Window frame leaks top many RV maintenance lists. The constant bumping and jostling RVs experience as they zip down the highway or amble over a rutted camp road causes movement in areas, like window frames, which do not handle movement easily. Exposure to the elements over time can also harm the seals around the windows.

Leaks may require replacement of the gasket material or sealant around the window. RVs typically need products that differ from what people use on their windows in a house because the materials need to withstand the constant vibrations caused by the vehicle movement. Leaky windows that are left neglected may also need replacement to prevent future problems.

Sliders Stop Working

RVs often have sliding windows, and with these features, the problem could take place with the sliding track itself. Older vehicles can have tracks filled with accumulated dust, or the track material could dry out from excessive sun exposure. Clean out the debris and apply a silicone lubricant to the track. Consider replacement if the windows still do not slide properly.

Glass Gets Broken

Any window can break and the glass in RVs is even more at risk. RV glass experiences the jostling of the road, rocks kicked up by tires on back roads and the occasional mishap of collapsed awnings or unexpectedly low hanging tree branches at campsites.

Regardless of how a broken window happens, RV owners should only allow glass professionals with experience in motorhome window replacement to replace the damaged window. Improperly installed RV glass could lead to the start of any of the previously mentioned issues.

The windows in any RV provide energy efficiency, comfort, and much more. Leaking and otherwise damaged windows can lower the value of the vehicle and make the use of the motorhome less enjoyable. At Central Glass Company, we can help you with your RV glass needs. Visit us before your next trip. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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