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How to Increase the Natural Lighting in Your Home

You think of your home as a refuge-a place of comfort where you can forget the cares of the world. But when you cross the threshold and enter your abode, you see nothing but dark, gloomy rooms. You turn on a light or two, but the artificial light of your lamps seems a little harsh.

To brighten your home in a more soothing way, consider increasing the amount of natural light that enters your home. Below, we’ve listed nine tips to help you increase the natural light in your home. Read on to learn which methods can brighten your home and turn it into the sanctuary you crave.

1. Add More Windows

The easiest way to let more natural light into your home is to add more windows. Take a look at each room in your home. Is there enough space on the exterior walls for more windows?

Get in touch with a glass technician, and ask him or her if adding full windows or smaller porthole windows works best for the available space. The more windows you have in your home, the more natural light can stream in during the day.

You can also replace old windows if necessary. Sometimes the glass can become too dirty or damaged to allow in adequate lighting.

2. Place Custom Mirrors Throughout Your Home

Additionally, strategically hang up mirrors throughout your home to increase the amount of natural light. The light will bounce off the mirrors and further brighten your home. Talk to a glass contractor about creating custom mirrors that fit your personal taste-and that match your home’s interior décor.

You can also install reflective surfaces throughout the home, like a glass backsplash in the kitchen. The more reflective surfaces in your home, the more light can bounce around and brighten up the space.

3. Install Skylights

Let the light pour in from above, and add skylights into your ceiling. You can also talk to a contractor about tubular daylighting devices. These cylinders or tubes act as mini skylights, but the bottom of the device is glazed. This extra coating prevents glaring light from streaming into your home, creating a soft glow throughout the space.

4. Swap Out Your Doors

Further enhance the amount of natural light in your home by replacing your doors. Swap out your exterior doors for ones with glass in them so more light can trickle in. If you feel concerned about privacy, you can choose doors with etched glass that blocks a passerby’s view, while still allowing light into your home.

You can also replace your interior doors with French doors to increase the flow of light through your home.

5. Give Your Home an Open Floor Plan

If you can afford more substantial work on your home, consider remodeling it. Work with a few contractors to knock down unnecessary walls and give your home an open floor plan. Obstacles like walls block light from flowing seamlessly throughout a space, so open up the area to achieve a brighter, naturally lit home.

Make sure to talk with electricians and plumbers as well, since a knocking down a wall may require their unique skillsets.

6. Replace Your Window Treatments

Nothing blocks out natural light more than dark, heavy window treatments. Instead, choose a material that allows more light into the space. Consider light-colored curtains and thinner fabrics.

If you prefer darker colors or if you use thicker curtains as a security measure, remember to keep the curtains open while you’re home during the day.

7. Choose Lighter Paint Colors

Lighter paints reflect natural light better than darker shades. If your current color palette needs an update, select paints in soft grays, light blues, and luscious creams. These colors reflect light better than other tones, so you’ll further enhance the brightness of a room if you opt for these paint colors.

If you aren’t sure which colors best match your home’s décor, talk to an interior designer. These professionals can help you choose a hue that will enhance the lighting and match your home’s overall aesthetic.

8. Maintain Your Landscape

Exterior factors matter just as much as interior ones when it comes to increasing the natural light in your home. Trim trees, hedges, bushes, or any other type of vegetation that could cover your windows and doors or block out natural light.

9. Move Your Furniture

Additionally, if furniture blocks the windows, light can’t come into your home. If you have big, bulky furniture next to or near your windows, move them. Switch pieces around until you find a visually appealing, functional setup you like. Or, have an interior designer give his or her opinion.


Use the tips above to increase the amount of natural light in your home. For help adding in new windows or creating custom mirrors, get in touch with your local glass contractors. These professionals can create the perfect glass to match your needs and tastes.

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