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How to Decorate a Child’s Bathroom With Mirrors and Glass

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Are you ready to decorate your child’s bathroom? While you may want to skip the adult-like adornments your own master bath includes, you can still create a highly stylized (yet playful) space. Before you finalize your décor plans, take a look at everything you need to know about using mirrors and glass in your child’s bathroom.

Get Creative With Mirror Shape

Forget about plain, rectangular mirrors. These traditional cut glass pieces may have a classic look — but they may not fit in a creatively designed child’s bathroom. Combine form and function with a playfully cut mirror that has a child-like or eclectic design. Shapes to consider include:

  • Round-edged squares. This shape borders on traditional with its four-sided design. But the rounded edges give it a playful window-like look that can coordinate with child-friendly themes, such as nautical or pirate-themed design.
  • Circles. Like rounded squares, circles also have a ship-shape type style. Line up round mirrors, or use one large piece of glass to create a whimsical look.
  • Squiggles and zigzags. Maximize the playfulness of this space with a completely creative squiggle, zigzag, or other unexpected shape. These shapes may not provide the reflective area your child needs. Add extra inches or feet with multiple mirrors in a row.

If you’re not sure what shapes of mirrors to use, how to use them, or how to install the glass correctly, talk to an expert. A custom glass contractor can help you to design and place the mirrors professionally.

Choose the Just-Right Mirror Size

An imaginatively eclectic style of décor might include dramatically over-sized or under-sized mirrors. But if your child’s bathroom has another theme, you may need to concentrate on the practical aspects of mirror size. To choose the just-right size, consider:

  • Your child’s size. Your preschooler doesn’t need a mirror large enough to fit into an adult’s bathroom. But if you have an older child or teen or you want a mirror big enough to accommodate your child’s growth, you may want to choose a full- or adult-sized option.
  • Overall room décor. The size of the mirror can play into the room’s décor plan. A full wall mirror adds a sleek look to a contemporary kids’ bathroom, while several smaller pieces of reflective glass can create a whimsical gallery-like look.
  • The room’s scale. Tall ceilings and a small mirror may create an off-balance aesthetic. If you don’t want a stark contrasting type of look, select mirrors that fit the room’s scale.

Along with these considerations, assess the amount of light in your child’s bathroom. A larger or well-placed mirror can add illumination, brighten the room, and make it appear larger.

Use Glass in Other Ways

Do you want to add another shiny surface to your child’s bathroom — without using mirrors? Glass is an elegant option that you can still use in a child-friendly, playful, or imaginative way. Children’s bathroom glass ideas include:

  • Glass shelving. Glass wall shelves provide an extra place to stash your child’s wash cloths, toiletries, and other items. Choose a rounded edge type of shelf to add extra protection.
  • Glass shower enclosures. While this option isn’t practical for a young child, your tween or teen may enjoy the spa-like look of a glass shower enclosure. This option is ideal for smaller spaces or dark bathrooms.
  • Glass cabinet doors. From brightly colored towels to bold bins, let the items in your child’s cabinets shine through with glass-front doors.

Discuss creative ways to use glass in your child’s bathroom with the contractor. Glass tiles, custom countertop covers, and backsplashes can add a simple or neutral style to the space that grows with your child.

Does your child’s bathroom need a glass makeover? Contact Central Glass Company for more information.

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