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West Valley: 801-969-1491

5 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

When you’ve lived in your home for several years, it can be hard to know whether or not your house remains in style. You might get so used to your carpet and wall coverings that you don’t realize when these additions become outdated.

But for certain rooms in your house, failing to update your appliances or features can cause serious structural problems or even lower the property value of your home.

To avoid losing money in the long run, read through our checklist of five signs you need to remodel your bathroom.

1. Your Bathroom Has Mold

Whether your bathroom suffers from a non-functional fan or a broken window that lets the rain seep in, too much moisture can put a death sentence on your bathroom cupboards and ceilings. Mildew can damage your shower tiles, cause your ceiling to sink over time, and threaten the health of anyone who enters.

If you notice dark spots sprouting up in the corners of your bathroom or on the ceiling directly above your shower or bath, you can remove them from the surface with a vinegar or bleach solution and a hearty rag. But if the mold problem has gotten so deep that you can’t remove the black fuzz from walls or tiles, you know the time has come for a complete bathroom remodel.

Talk to a contractor about removing or replacing the damaged sheetrock or tiles affected by the mold. Though replacing a portion of your existing tile won’t change the look of your bathroom, the absence of mold will help you and your household breathe easier every time you enter.

2. Your Waterworks Refuse to Work

If you end up standing in six inches of murky water every time you take a shower, or if your faucet never stops dripping, your bathroom can’t meet your needs. Faulty plumbing also drives up your energy bill and could lead to water damage and burst pipes.

Once you’ve tried Drano and have tightened the handles on your bathroom sink, see how long these repairs work before your pipes act up again. You can also turn off the water in the house and then check the levels on your water meter to see how much water your bathroom leak wastes.

If home remedies and cleaning solutions don’t keep puddles off your bathroom floor, call a contractor to schedule a remodeling consultation for your bathroom.

3. You Have Cracked, Chipped, or Broken Glass

Superstitious people believe that a broken mirror signifies seven long years of bad luck. Though there is no scientific evidence that broken glass in your bathroom correlates to your overall luckiness, shards of glass do pose a safety hazard for your home’s residents.

Anyone who uses your glass shower risks cuts and scrapes if your shower sustains minor damage. And even though a cracked mirror won’t harm you, it will reduce the appeal of your bathroom.

Instead of tolerating your bathroom’s broken features, plan to replace them over time. Get a beautiful custom mirror to update your bathroom’s look, and check out new models of glass that withstand daily use without breaking.

4. Your Bathroom No Longer Fits Your Needs

If your once-cozy bathroom has become so crowded with hair products, prescription medicines, and hand towels that you can no longer remember where your sink is located, you should consider expanding your bathroom’s size.

Cupboards and overhead cabinets can help you store your belongings without sacrificing too much space. And when you add glass coverings to enclose your cabinets, you give your cabinets an open feel so they don’t crowd out your other décor.

If you have an old-fashioned bathtub standing off the ground, you can also maximize your space by replacing a full tub with a shower option. A glass shower will give the illusion of openness, while allowing you more room for appliances and storage.

5. You Don’t Like Using Your Bathroom

In your home, do you find yourself sneaking away to use the guest bathroom because it just “feels better” in there? If you notice a particular aversion to your bathroom, it’s probably time to replace some features to make it more user-friendly.

Before you start the remodel, try to identify the specific aspects you don’t like about your bathroom. Does the color scheme hurt your eyes? Do the lights flicker in an irritating way? Does it feel too hot or cold? Once you establish what problems keep you from liking your bathroom, you can talk to your contractor about specific fixes to start your remodel.

When you update your bathroom furnishings, you keep everyone in your family comfortable and safe. Updating appliances also protects your belongings and increases the likelihood that you can get a good price when you put your home on the market.

For more ideas of how to keep your bathroom modern and functional, talk to a contractor or glass expert. He or she can help you pick out the right furnishings for your home.

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