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Bountiful: 801-295-3449
West Valley: 801-969-1491

4 Window Replacement Myths

4 Window Replacement Myths

If your windows are getting older and draftier, or you notice your energy bills are skyrocketing, it might be time to invest in new windows.

Before you choose your replacement windows, you need to learn the truth behind some common replacement window misconceptions that may be making your new window decisions more difficult.

Here are four replacement window myths and the truth behind these misconceptions.

Myth # 1: Replacement Windows Are Inferior to New Construction Windows

If you have never replaced the windows that were installed when your home was built, then you may believe the common misconception that replacement windows are inferior to new construction windows.

The truth is that while replacement windows and new construction windows are designed differently, neither is inferior to the other. One difference between the two types of windows is that replacement windows are custom-made to match your existing home window opening dimensions exactly, while most new construction windows are not custom-made. Instead, the window wall opening is created to match the window dimensions precisely.

In addition, one feature present in some new construction windows that replacement windows lack is a nailing fin. When a house is first built, this fin allows the window to be nailed directly to a home’s frame. This fin isn’t needed in replacement windows because the windows are instead secured to the already built wall with well-hidden screws that are just as strong as nails.

Myth #2: Everyone Should Upgrade to Triple-Pane Glass

If you are having trouble deciding on a new window design, you may be deciding if you should upgrade to (or stick with) double-pane glass or make the additional investment for triple-pane glass.

While upgrading from single-pane to double-pane to triple-pane glass increases the energy efficiency of your home windows, it takes a while for you to see the energy savings due to the higher cost.

Myth #3: All Double-Pane Windows are Equally Energy-Efficient

If you already have double-pane windows and notice no drafts around your windows, then you may think you have little to gain by replacing your home windows. The truth is that some double-pane windows are much more energy-efficient than others, and replacing your double-pane windows with windows made from more energy-efficient glass may still help you save on home energy.

To determine just how energy efficient windows are, first look into their U-factor rating. This rating designates how much heat can be transmitted through the window. A window with a low U-factor insulates a home better than a window with a higher U-factor.

Also, look into the windows’ solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). A window with a high SHGC is best for cold climates like Utah because these windows allow the sun to help heat a home naturally during the winter.

Myth #4: Replacement Windows Projects can Take Months

You may be hesitant to begin a home window replacement project due to the misconception that the project will lead to your home and family life being disrupted for weeks or months while the new windows are installed. While some projects can take weeks, the window replacement crew will actually be present in your home just a small fraction of this time period.

The crew must first take careful measurements of your existing windows and openings, and then order your windows to fit these specifications. Then, the window installation experts will install each window in your home. In the end, the window replacement experts will only spend a few days in your home at the most.

If you are considering replacing your home windows, yet have not yet talked to a window expert about your new window needs, then you may believe some common replacement window misconceptions that are making your new window decisions more difficult than they should be. Contact the window experts at Central Glass Company to discuss your replacement window needs and schedule your replacement window installation today.

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