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4 Common Reasons for Windshield Damage

Crack on the Auto Glass – Salt Lake City, UT – Central Glass Company

Your vehicle’s windshield serves as a protective layer against debris, water, and other substances. Unfortunately, auto glass damage is an all-too-common occurrence these days as a result of several factors. 

A windshield that has endured damage is much less effective at providing protection and security. By understanding the root causes of windshield damage, you can take appropriate preventive measures.

The following are four potential causes of windshield damage.

1. Road Debris

Road debris includes gravel, pebbles, and rocks. The debris is a potential hazard to your windshield. The stones are especially a problem, particularly when another vehicle tosses them straight to your windscreen while driving.

A hit from road debris may often leave just a small scratch or a chip, but the chips weaken your windshield over time. 

One notorious source of debris is roads under construction, which usually have excessive gravel. Uncovered construction vehicles may also hurl dirt, rocks, or tools onto your windshield.

As a precaution against road debris, keep a safe distance on roads with excessive gravel and take extra care behind uncovered trucks.

2. Bad Weather

Weather conditions are a reasonable explanation for unexplainable cracks on your windscreen. 

A car windscreen can take a beating, but temperature changes are the biggest threat. Hot and cold weather puts a lot of stress on your windshield.

Some causes of temperature changes that can cause windshield cracks include: 

  • Heating or cooling your car too fast
  • Defrosting your windshield with boiling water
  • Leaving your car under direct sunlight

Driving in stormy conditions is also as bad for your windshield as you’d imagine. Falling tree branches and hail can easily break your windscreen.

Furthermore, small cracks tend to worsen in extreme weather due to uneven contraction and expansion of glass.

But while you cannot control the weather, using washer fluid to defrost and parking in the shade in summer will help.

3. Poor Installation

Unfortunately, installing a car windscreen is a delicate procedure. A DIY installation could work out for you if you are a DIY pro. However, if you install the windshield incorrectly, you can end up with a loose fit that leaves gaps between the glass and the car’s body frame. 

The gaps make way for vibrations to occur while you drive. The vibrations can result in cracking or shattering of your car’s windshield.

Therefore, ensure an experienced auto glass technician puts on your windscreen. Also, ensure the windshield glass is of high-quality material.

4. Collisions

Whether a minor fender bender or a high-speed impact with another vehicle, collisions are a common cause of auto glass damage. The forceful pressure exerted on the car during a collision can cause damage. The damage can occur even if nothing touches your windshield during the accident. 

Depending on the intensity of the collision, your car’s windshield may incur chips and cracks or shatter to pieces. Even a minor collision from any item at high speed can cause cracks in your windshield. A crack can affect your visibility while driving.

To minimize the risk of an accident, practice safe driving. And always have an auto glass tech check your windshield’s structural integrity after a collision, whether major or minor.

The windshield is a core component of your car’s structural integrity and performance. Therefore, a damaged windshield is a serious problem that puts you at great risk. If you notice a scratch or chip on your windshield, fix it immediately. Just take your vehicle to a licensed shop that offers quality auto glass repair and replacement.

If you notice cracks on your windshield or have any questions about auto glass, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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