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Custom Designs for Bathroom Mirrors

When you renovate your bathroom, the finishing touches make all the difference to your overall design. You can make the most of your new space by installing custom mirrors to make the room look exactly how you want it.

Mirrors in bathroom provide more than just function. They affect lighting and space perception, and, if you choose the right design, they can even be used for storage. Learn about some interesting custom mirror designs you can try in your bathroom.

Mirrored Cabinetry

A timeless design that can bring extra storage to your bathroom is shallow cabinets with mirrors set into the doors. This is an excellent solution for a bathroom that has a small footprint which doesn’t allow for other storage options, such as a large cabinet or sink vanity.

Drafty, Leaking Windows: What Causes Indoor Comfort Problems?

One of the major factors that affects the overall comfort level in your home is your windows. When windows are tight-fitting and well-maintained, they have little if any effect on interior temperature changes and comfort levels.

However, poor window quality can mean interior drafts, room temperature fluctuations, high energy bills, and even hot and cold spots inside the same room. Many people struggle with drafts in the house, even if their windows are newer.

Here are the main reasons why windows might be causing drafts or discomfort in your home and what you can do about it.

5 Ways to Be Good to Your RV’s Windshield and Windows

You need a professional to install your RV windshield when it cracks, gets pelted by rocks, or otherwise needs replacement. However, you can perform your own routine maintenance on your RV windshield and windows to keep them in top shape. Here are five RV-window maintenance tips.

  1. Check Seals Around Windows

Before and after every trip, check the seals and gaskets around all of your windows. Rodents, old age, and flying debris wear away window seals and gaskets. Gaps form at the broken places in the seals and allow rainwater, insects, and rodents into your RV.

5 Reasons to Install a Wall of Windows in Your Home

The architectural glass wall is a decorating trend that’s growing in popularity. As people pare down their possessions to create simpler living arrangements, they’re also knocking down walls to simplify the boundaries between light and space.

In specific situations, a glass wall makes sense for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Here are five solutions that a wall of glass offers.

  1. Take Advantage of a View

If you choose your home for the amazing neighborhood or scenic views, why shut yourself off from the main draw of the place? When you’ve paid a premium for a lovely home setting, achieve double your enjoyment and value by installing a glass wall.

Have a glass wall installed to look out over a desert, lake, or mountain range. A glass wall in a city home can give a view of the cityscape or the bustling avenue below.

Choose a glass wall to overlook your swimming pool or pond area to give a relaxed, resort feel to your home. Order a wall of glass to bring the color from your amazing flowerbeds into your living space on sunny and rainy days.

Glass Shower Enclosures: Benefits and Design Options

If you are remodeling your bathroom, then now is a great time to consider installing a glass shower enclosure.

If your bathroom is still equipped with a standard bathtub and shower curtain, then you should realize that a glass shower enclosure can provide your bathroom with a more stylish, modern appearance. In addition, these enclosures have safety and health benefits when compared to traditional bathtubs with shower curtains. 

Read on to learn the advantages of adding a glass shower enclosure to your bathroom and just a few of your many design options. 

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